Textiles recycling at jumble sale

Did you know that textiles recycling can earn you money?

Rather than your pre-loved textiles ending up in landfill there are a number of great ways to re-use them.

Here at Recycled Clothing Banks we work with many different private and public organisations to help keep unwanted textiles out of landfill sites. We enjoy great relationships with local councils, educational settings, hospitality outlets, places of worship, national and local charities, retail parks, health clubs and commercial businesses and help them to raise much-needed funds for charitable causes and local community projects.

recycled clothing binEarn money by installing a FREE textiles recycling bin

We specialise in installing FREE branded textile recycling bins in public and commercial areas encouraging communities to donate pre-loved clothes, shoes and household textiles as a way to generate additional funds of £400 based on every tonne of textiles we collect and can reuse. Not only are you helping to keep these items out if overspilling landfill sites, you are helping others in need.

Create your own upcycled textile products

Upcycling is a great way to transform old or discarded materials into new products of higher value. You can create your own upcycled products such as bags, cushions, or clothing, and sell them online or at local markets to raise funds for your project or charity.

Organise a jumble sale

It’s one of the earliest types of textiles recycling and has a long history dating back to the 19th century. The first recorded jumble sale took place in London in 1860, organised by a group of women to raise money for the poor. This concept quickly caught on and spread throughout the UK as a popular way to raise money for good causes especially during times of economic hardship. It’s still a great way to get together, share pre-loved items and earn money.

5 good reasons to keep clothing, shoes and household textiles out of landfill:

  1. Waste reduction: Textiles are a significant contributor to global waste, with an estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste generated every year. By keeping textiles out of landfill, we can reduce the amount of waste we produce and conserve landfill space.
  2. Social impact: Many of the textiles that end up in landfill are still in good condition and could be used by someone else. By donating or recycling textiles, we can extend their lifespan and help those who are less fortunate.
  3. Economic impact: The textile industry is a significant contributor to many economies around the world. By keeping textiles out of landfill, we can create new markets for recycled textiles and reduce the demand for new textile production, which can be expensive and resource-intensive.
  4. UK landfill usage: According to a report by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) the UK alone generates around 1.5 million tonnes of textile waste each year, with around 300,000 tonnes of this waste being sent to landfill. Keeping textiles out of landfill is an important way to reduce our environmental impact, conserve resources, and support social and economic sustainability.
  5. Everything can be reused: Some textiles may not be fit for re-wear purpose but they can be cut down to make insulation or cleaning rags – so nothing goes to waste.

If you would like to install a FREE branded recycling bin and help raise funds for your projects or chosen charity, our friendly team would be happy to discuss this with you.


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