A fresh, environmentally friendly approach to textile recycling banks, which helps to raise funds for schools, charities and social community groups and projects.

Textile Recycling Banks

Why Use Textile Recycling Banks?

Textile recycling banks are a convenient and simple way of getting rid of our unwanted textiles and putting them to good use at the same time. Textile recycling banks have been around for quite some time and are usually located in areas with a high foot fall such as supermarkets, retail parks, sports facilities and other public areas. These textile recycling banks are usually branded and wrapped in a specific charity’s colours and logo and will advise on what kinds of textiles can be donated. It’s important to make sure that what you put into a textile recycling bank is correct so that your generous donation can be used to its full potential, ensuring it is clean, undamaged and fit for reuse.

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Shoe Bin Textile Recycling Banks

It’s not just fabrics that can be donated and recycled, shoes and boots can also be recycled and in fact are much needed items. Most recycling areas will have a shoe bin available where you can donate your paired shoes, boots and trainers. If you can, please pair them up by tying the laces or use an elastic bank to keep them together. If you can imagine how many items of footwear go into a shoe bin each week, it’s an arduous task to them pair them up! A lot of the shoe bin donations can be resold if they are in good condition which helps charities enormously or the shoes, boots and trainers can be donated to people who really need them in the UK and overseas.

Community Recycle For Charity

Does your community recycle for charity? If you’re out and about doing the grocery shop or visiting your local sports centre, it won’t be long before you will spot the vast range of community recycle for charity bins that support some of the world’s big-name charities. These well-situated textile recycling bins encourage the local community to recycle for charity and help to raise funds for a multitude of important causes. Simply, by clearing out your cupboards, wardrobes and drawers and donating the items of clothing and household textiles that you no longer need means that you are part of a community making positive change in the lives of children, adults and families in need in the UK and worldwide.


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Clothes Bank For Money

If you are a charity, school or local community scheme, one of the best ways to raise much needed funds is through donating to a clothes bank for money. The incentive to turn any unwanted clothing or household textiles into much-needed funds is a simple and effective one. All you need to do is contact us and book a clothes bank, we will deliver it to you and once you have filled it, we will collect and pay you for the weight of textiles you have accumulated; it really is that simple. It is truly wonderful to see the positive impact that our clothes bank for money brings in terms of donations to support good causes and initiatives but also knowing we are all playing our part in reducing our landfill footprint.

Clothes Bank London

If you would like to set up a clothes bank London to help raise funds for your charity, school or community, then we can help. Here at Recycled Clothing Banks we can design, brand and deliver your clothes bank to your allocated location. We already have over 10 years’ experience in textiles recycling and we work exclusively with public sector and private commercial organisations, who want to help our environment and raise awareness and funds successfully. We offer payments in advance to help keep your cash flow moving in the right direction to support your projects or we are happy to pay by the tonne, so, the more you collect, the more we pay for your clothes bank London.


Charity Ideas For Schools

Sometimes coming up with charity ideas for schools can be difficult. It seems that parents are constantly being asked to contribute financially when it comes around to a school event whether it be a summer fete, Easter parade, World Book day, fireworks display, sports day…the list and the donations seems endless. However, we all do our bit and school communities really do work together to make these events as successful as possible. That’s quite a lot of foot fall through the school gates isn’t it? Now imagine earning extra money for your chosen charity and increasing your fundraising total even more. Installing a textiles recycling bank is another super charity idea for schools and empowers today’s children to work together for a cleaner, smarter world.

Christmas Fundraising Ideas

Schools shouldn’t underestimate the power of fundraising; these extra funds can make all the difference to schools who are struggling to survive, allowing them to spend extra money on important projects like offering scholarships, new educational programmes, or building new facilities. A few Christmas fundraising ideas to think about would be a cake sale, charity Christmas cards, festive quiz night, design a tea towel, non-uniform day or movie and popcorn night? But what about something new and different? Have you thought how cool it would be for kids to feed any unwanted clothes into the mouth of a giant snowman textiles bin, or how Santa may want to eat household textiles rather than anymore mince pies this year? We can make your Christmas fundraising ideas a fun reality by providing a fully festive recycled textiles bin to your school.

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