Free Illegal Bin Survey For Councils

Did you know there are probably hundreds of unauthorised/illegal recycled clothing bins in your area?

Many local authority operatives don’t know how to spot an illegal bin and without this knowledge, will have no idea of their location or how to get rid of them.

Recycled Clothing Banks has an expert team who can undertake a street-by-street survey and remove unwanted bins and their associated debris for you; this service is FREE.

How does it work?

  1. If you would like to arrange a free survey for your local area, please contact us at or call 020 3903 9933.
  2. Once we have tracked down the illegal clothing bins, we will take a photo and map-mark its location.
  3. We will then send the information to you for you to make a decision on whether you are happy to keep the illegal bin on your land or have it removed, completely free of charge, by our team.

We are committed to removing unauthorised/illegal bins so that your community can continue to support genuine charities and local projects.

Book a textile bin today!

  • 020 3903 9933
We can supply your textile recycling bin within 14 days.