100% Textile Recycling Company

A fresh, environmentally friendly approach to recycling which helps to raise funds from our textile banks for schools, charities and social community groups and projects.

We pay you £400 per tonne of reusable textiles collected!

Recycled Clothing Banks Are Well Established

We are already a well-established recycling supplier with over 10 years’ experience and Recycled Clothing Banks is a new initiative working exclusively with public sector and private commercial organisations.

Our mission is to get 1000+ textile recycling bins installed in most parts of the UK, filled and collected each week. We are happy to offer a tonnage rate of £400 for reusable textiles so, the more you collect, the more we pay you.

Recycled Clothing's Company Vehicles

Our company operates a fleet of vehicles to collect dry, good quality, used clothing and textiles throughout London and Home Counties.

Our textile recycling bank presence is fast-growing, so please call 020 3903 9933 to find your local recycling point. If there isn’t one listed in your area, don’t worry as we will happily install a textile recycling bin for you where possible.

Recycled Clothing Banks are always happy to talk about fundraising schemes in local communities and we enjoy great relationships with our clients in:

  • Educational settings
  • Hospitality industry
  • Places of Worship
  • National and Local Charities
  • County Councils
  • Shopping areas/local amenities
  • Commercial/industrial business developments
  • Waste management organisations

All of the clothing and household textiles we collect are hand sorted, graded and sold abroad to provide an affordable source of clothing to communities in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Other products like blankets and sleeping bags are given to charities through our partners 'Wrap Up London' to keep our homeless community warm.

Book a textile bin today!

  • 020 3903 9933
We can supply your textile recycling bin within 14 days.