Unauthorised Clothing Bins

Here at Recycled Clothing Banks, we work with local councils and organisations, including firms such as Tesco and Iceland, across the region to stop unauthorised clothing bins.

Unauthorised clothing bins are a headache for everyone: the council, the local community, genuine recycled clothing companies and legitimate registered charities.

How can you spot an illegal bin?

  • The bin will be in very poor condition
  • There is no wording that explains the aim of the charity
  • There is no contact information available
  • The bin is full, overspilling with bags left outside and generally hazardous

Recycled Clothing Banks will happily remove these unauthorised clothing bins from your area and make a £100 donation per bin to our charity partner, HandsOn London supporting our homeless community. 


If you have a feeling a bin might not  be genuine then before you put your clothes in why not check - we can search our comprehensive database which works with over 27 major councils around the country and major organisations from registered charities. We answer all emails within 24 hours giving you a piece of mind that your kind donation is going to the right organisation and if it’s an illegal bin it’s reported and removed.

With us you get:

  • A free service to collect any unsightly illegal bin
  • We will clean the area and dispose of debris
  • We can offer a FREE bin as a replacement which is fully legal and registered
  • We can put your logo or charity logo on the bin along with our contact information
  • We will regularly empty and clean your bin and pay you up to £400 per tonne for your reusable donations
  • We are passionate about recycling unwanted clothes and reducing environmental damage by minimising landfill use

If you want to swap out an illegal bin for one of our authorised bins, you wouldn’t have to worry about any unsightly mess because when you order one or more of our branded textile recycling bins, you also get an expertly trained team who ensure that all bins are collected on a pre-arranged date and emptied by our uniformed, ID-wearing staff. Our exceptional service means that your textile recycling bins are cleaned inside and out, as well as leaving your recycling area clean, tidy and free of rubbish.

We work incredibly hard with many communities and charities, supporting them in various ways from providing clothing bins and reimbursing them with much-needed funds.  By installing one of our bins, all of the textiles we collect and pay cash for could be used to offer invaluable financial support to community initiatives in your local area.

We are always happy to talk about fundraising schemes with local councils and we enjoy great relationships with our clients in:

Educational settings - Hospitality industry - Places of Worship - National and Local Charities - Shopping areas – Sports centres/Health clubs – Libraries - Industrial business developments

We can pay you up to £400 per tonne for your reusable pre-loved textiles donations.

If this is of interest to you and your local community, please contact our helpful and friendly team today on 020 3903 9933 or contact us below

“For over 12 months we have tried to get this unsightly and illegal recycled clothing bin removed from our premises. With no response from the company, we contacted Recycled Clothing Banks and within a few days the bin was removed, the rubbish cleared and the area was left tidy. Not only that, but Recycled Clothing Banks made a £100 donation to HandsOn London, supporting the homeless community, for the scrap value of the bin. Thank you!”

Andy Brady – Operations Manager, Punch Pubs (Punch Taverns Ltd)

unauthorised clothing bins

cleaned up unauthorised clothing bins

“As a private land owner incorporating 4 flats and several shops, these illegal bins were put on my land without permission. For years, my tenants have been complaining and I have made countless attempts to contact the company responsible for these bins, the local council and even the Mayor of Birmingham, all of whom did nothing to get them removed. Having contacted Recycled Clothing Banks and reported the bins through their website, the team came and removed the bins and cleared away the associated debris within 24 hours. These illegal bins have caused me so much stress and unpleasantness, but Recycled Clothing Banks have now lifted a weight off of my shoulders. Thank you.”

K Shaw.

illegal bins outside shop

illegal bins removed

The images below show bins removed from the car parks of Tesco Solihull and Iceland Supermarket Sheffield recently.

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