Better textile recycling

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In response to the detrimental effects of fast fashion, are brands ready to change their approach for the sake of our environment? With a noticeable slow-down in production, simplified supply chains, and a shift in mindful consumption to mitigate environmental impact, it would seem that global manufacturing practices are finally showing some respect for people,

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Homelessness help

As our winter weather worsens with torrential rain and plummeting temperatures, this genuinely poses a life-threatening challenge to our homeless community. Homelessness isn’t always a choice; it is mainly a series of uncontrollable external factors that include lack of money, relationship breakdown, immigration, physical or mental health issues, trauma, grief, addictions and abuse. Homelessness is rarely a

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recycling clothes for charity

Textiles recycling supports charity organisations, reduces the strain on our planet and provides vital support services According to the most recent Charities Aid Foundation report for 2023, and from over 13,000 interviews conducted, over half (55%) had not recently interacted with a charity shop in 2022, whilst nearly a third donated clothes or goods to

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