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Do you need new ways to raise money for your charity?

Post-Covid, the charity sector is still trying to recover, so the team at Recycled Clothing Banks has come up with a few fresh ideas for raising much-needed funds.

As we know, the charity sector is immensely diverse; some are tiny and entirely reliant on volunteers and trustees, while others run highly complex national or international operations, employing hundreds of staff. It’s only natural that some charities fared better than others during the pandemic.

Research conducted by the government in 2021 shows that over 90%  experienced some negative impact from Covid-19, whether on their service delivery, finances, staff, or indeed on staff morale from extended lockdown. 60% saw a loss of income, and 32% said they experienced a shortage of volunteers. Given these findings, it is perhaps unsurprising that we have seen 97 charities in the UK fold; in 2023, those that remain are still struggling. [1]

So what can we do to help that goes beyond a cake sale or a sponsored silence? Have you considered:

Peer-to-peer fundraising: Encourage people to fundraise for your charity by setting up personal fundraising pages and asking their friends, family, and colleagues to donate.

Social media campaigns: Use social media platforms to launch fundraising campaigns. You can leverage social media’s reach and influence to get people to donate and share your message with their friends.

Online auctions and sales: Host online auctions or sales of items donated by individuals or companies. You can also sell merchandise related to your cause, with profits going to your charity.

Corporate partnerships: Partner with companies that share your charity’s values and goals. They can donate a portion of their profits to your cause or sponsor events that benefit your charity.

Cryptocurrency donations: This can attract a new generation of donors who prefer to use digital assets.

Crowdfunding: Set up a crowdfunding campaign on platforms such as JustGiving or GoFundMe; these platforms allow people to donate directly to your charity and share your campaign with their social networks.

Legacy giving: Encourage donors to make planned gifts to your charity through their wills or estates. This can provide a significant source of long-term funding for your charity.

Looking for a way to raise money and help the environment?

Here at Recycled Clothing Banks, we work with many local and national organisations including charities, local authorities, nurseries, schools, colleges, libraries, village halls, private businesses, retail parks and self-funding communities to raise much-needed funds. We do this by providing and installing FREE recycled clothing bins. Fully branded with your organisation’s logo and brand colours, we pay you up to £400 for every tonne of reusable, good condition pre-loved clothing that you no longer use – this way everything you earn, you can donate to your chosen charity.

Just get in touch with us and we can get you started. All you have to do first, is send us your digital logo for us to get the branding created. When your donations bin is full, call us and one of our ID-wearing unformed team members will come and empty and clean your bin area, so you can rest assured that we are taking good care of your recycling bin to encourage your supporters to donate.

Call us today and together we can make positive change.

[1] Gov.uk, 2023

Blog written by www.wendyjenningscreative.co.uk


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