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How to recycle clothes and earn a cash payment from it

Calling all school children to fill the bag as Recycled Clothing Banks offer an exciting way to raise funds!

Raising money for schools has never been more important now that the UK finds itself in the midst of an economic downward spiral due to the coronavirus pandemic. Schools have been closed, PTA’s out of action, spring and summer fundraising events cancelled and with the new social distancing measures in place, how long will it be before we can enjoy school fetes and other social get togethers safely once more?

Here at Recycled Clothing Banks and through our sister company, Kids Just Recycle, we’ve come up with Kids Fill The Bag! This simple initiative shows kids how to recycle clothes and earn a cash payment from it.

Earn Cash For Your School

If you need to generate much-needed funds for a school project, new equipment, essential building works or school club programmes, you can get a cash payment by donating your unwanted and pre-loved clothes, shoes and household textiles.

By simply filling up a refuse sack from home with any out-grown and unwanted garments, your school could earn up to a whopping £400 per tonne, per annum! All we ask is that your school collects a minimum of 40 filled refuse bags, then arrange a collection with us, and we’ll pay your school a cash amount directly as well as award you with a Certificate of Achievement!

Clothes bank for money

When we first launched ‘Kids Fill The Bag’ to show children how to recycle clothes and earn a cash payment from it, we would provide all our school participants with our branded collection bags but as part of our own commitment to be more environmentally conscious to help save our planet, we stopped – and that’s why we now ask for refuse sacks from home to be used instead. We are doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint along the way by lowering our plastic usage and be much more mindful of, and kinder to, our environment.

Once your 40+ bags have been collected, we take them away to be sorted and weighed and depending on the quality and final quantity of usable donations collected, that’s when we will pay you at the going rate of £400 per tonne (40p per kilo).

We are passionate about teaching children about the importance of recycling and we know that teamwork and a little healthy competition gives them the motivation to jump on board with textiles recycling. We help to educate them on how to recycle clothes and earn a cash payment from it to put to good use for the betterment of the school community.

Nothing goes to waste through our Kids Fill The Bag collections as what we can’t use here in the UK is shipped overseas to support poorer communities across the globe. This successful and impactful way of recycling clothes, paired shoes and household textiles, means we can keep around 95% of the items we recycle out of landfill sites.

Start Today!

If you’d like to join with us and start a Kids Fill The Bag challenge at your school to fundraise in a different way through clothing, shoes and textiles recycling, contact our friendly team today. Call 020 3903 9933 or email us at

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