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Charity Fund Raising is Falling

It is well-known that charities have to work incredibly hard to raise funds to keep their vital services running; often these services are literally a life line for some people. In ‘normal’ times it is hard enough, but now voluntary sector leaders are deeply concerned about crucial funding not being generated because of the level of cancelled fundraising events due to COVID-19. This could mean that charities’ resources may not be enough to support their beneficiaries.

Overall, expected losses could run into hundreds of millions of pounds. The National Council for Voluntary Organisations is calling on the government to provide a financial emergency package to support the continued work of charities in the community ensuring that their services continue to be provided to those who need them most.

Who is suffering ?

One example of an event that has already been cancelled is April’s London Marathon which in 2019 alone raised £66m for hundreds of charitable organisations. This is a significant amount that now leaves a gaping hole in the purses of many charities. Most of the events that were planned to raise money for charity in 2020 by the 25 top UK charities would have involved walking, running and cycling in large groups with health and medical research charities benefitting; in past years these have raised over £130m per annum.

raise money for charity

What can you do ?

If your local charity has been affected by COVID-19 and cancelled fundraising events, there are still ways which you can raise money for charity and get immediate funds to continue to support your charity of choice. Here are Recycled Clothing Banks, we are working tirelessly providing FREE branded textiles and clothing bins to charities, businesses, kids clubs and other organisations who want to receive a cash payment upfront of £350.00 for each tonne of pre-loved clothing, paired shoes and home textiles that are collected.

Recycled Clothing

All of these items can be donated and reused to make a positive difference to someone’s life in the UK or overseas, so rather than try to sell any unwanted garments or household fabrics online, you could make a big difference by donating them to one of our charity clothing bins.

Order a Recycled Clothing Bank

If you’d like to get involved and know of any charity that could benefit from a pre-paid cash payment to help raise money for their cause, our team at Recycled Clothing Banks would love to hear from you. It’s so easy to call us and arrange a FREE fully branded recycling bin; a simple and very effective way to raise much-needed funds and make a difference during this global health crisis.

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