Fast fashion is slowly killing our planet

Ok, so we all know about ‘fast food’ and we all know how it is linked to the decline in our health. Unfortunately ‘fast fashion’ is having the same impact on our environment.

Since 2000, the price point on clothing as dropped massively, which means we can get more for our money – YAY! But, it also means we now have 5 times as many clothes as our families two generations ago. The continuation of purchasing cheap clothing is only possible because spending in production is cut elsewhere, like duty of care for workers, our health via the harmful chemicals used and the effect it has on our planet when we don’t want our garments any more. Now, that has to get a massive BOO!

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There are alternatives

Ethical fashion houses are now realising that consumers need an alternative to the ‘fast fashion’ brands and here are some of the UK brands for you to check out:

People Tree

Fair Trade and sustainable fibres.


Made in London with fabrics locally sourced, sustainable, organic or select stock material.

Zola Amour

Made in the UK with sustainable material.

Fast Fashion Revolution

Approximately, £140m in clothing value ends up in landfill in the UK every year and that also includes half of the clothing that is donated to charity shops which they deem unusable for resale.

So, if you decide you want to start being more ethical with your clothing choices for the benefit of our planet, but don’t know how to start your ‘fast fashion’ revolution, speak to one our friendly team at Recycled Clothing Banks. We are passionate about recycling unwanted clothes and reducing environmental damage by minimising landfill use by 94%.

We specialise in installing free branded textile recycling bins in public and commercial areas encouraging communities to donate pre-loved clothes, shoes and household textiles as a way to generate additional funds of £300 based on every tonne of textiles we collect, so it’s a great way to earn money for community projects. We are currently working with village halls, scouts/girl guides, local authorities and private businesses to generate funds and help the environment.

Our professional and efficient service is second to none and hassle-free, and we have an expertly trained team of uniformed, ID-wearing staff to take care of the maintenance of our recycling bins and it’s our job to make textile donating a rewarding and positive experience.

Contact us today and talk to us about installing a textiles recycling bin near you.


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