Does your community recycle for charity?

Does your community recycle for charity? For the most part, people will get rid of their unwanted textiles following a declutter at home and take their recyclable textiles directly to charity shops or to charity branded textiles bins in dedicated recycling areas. By organising your own community recycle for charity schemes, you can really make a difference. Here at Recycled Clothing Banks, it is our aim to enable your local community to recycle unwanted textiles in a way that brings everyone together to raise funds for local or national charity initiatives.

How we deal with waste is a growing issue in the UK and throughout the world. Trying to get rid of our waste through landfill or burning, both have a significant impact on our immediate environment. That’s why we are actively encouraging community charity recycling initiatives across the region so that we minimise landfill and harmful toxins and reuse your unwanted textiles to raise money for charity projects and help people who are in need.

Does your community recycle for charity?

Recycle for charity

No doubt you will have seen many a branded recycling bin located throughout most villages and towns; these are purposely situated in busy areas such as shops and local public places like sports and leisure facilities, so they benefit from a lot of passing traffic. Imagine if you had your community recycle for charity bin, designed and branded specifically to your chosen charity or cause that would benefit from just as much exposure as the big-brand charity names?

So, if you are trying to raise much-needed funds and are considering organising a community recycle for charity drive, speak to us today. We can provide you with an eye-catching textiles recycling bin to suit your needs, helping you to earn money from all of the textiles donations you collect, by pre-payment or by a tonnage rate; whichever suits your cause best.

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