Shoe bin recycling

When you next pop down to your local textile recycling bank, you will often see a recycled shoe bin in the mix. These shoe bins are a convenient way to get rid of your unwanted footwear, when you can’t bear to throw them out because you ‘might’ get some use out of them, but at the same time, never wear because they’ve seen better days; sound familiar? It may even be that your children’s ever-growing feet mean that shoes, boots and trainers don’t last 5 minutes.

If you do decide to recycle your old footwear and deposit them into a shoe bin, please make sure they are paired up by either tying laces together, securing with a rubber band or simply putting them into a tied carrier bag. When you consider that around 2,000 tonnes of recycled shoes are collected from shoe bins every year, that’s a lot of matching up that needs to be done and single shoes cannot be sold on.


Local shoe bin recycling

By recycling your good condition footwear into a shoe bin, you are really helping those less fortunate amongst us who are in need across the UK and worldwide. It really does make a huge difference. A lot of good quality shoes can be donated to specific charities for resale helping them to raise much-needed funds as well as being distributed to those in need. Did you know that some sportswear companies even collect sports shoes/trainers regardless of their condition as these can be converted into materials for basketball and tennis courts as well as athletic running tracks?

If you’d like to start raising funds through shoe donation into one of our shoe bins, please call one of our friendly team today. We can design your shoe bin to suit your organisation’s branding and offer you different ways of earning from your shoe donations, either through upfront direct payments from us to you or on a tonnage rate.


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