Better textile recycling with a 1p tax?

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A recent report by the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) states that the UK is the worst country in Europe for the consumption of new clothing; in fact, around £140 million worth of clothing is sent to landfills every year – and that is a truly shocking statistic.

It has also been reported that many teens and millennials will often wear an item of clothing only once before they discard it, due to the incredibly low purchase price from budget retailers like Primark. Hopefully, this is a short-lived phase as the average lifetime for a piece of clothing is estimated at 2.2 years and by simply taking better care of our clothing and extending its life by 9 months, would have a significantly positive impact on reducing our textile waste and associated environmental damage.

better textile recycling

Better textile recyclingImproved textile recycling from a 1p tax on clothing

Now MPs are calling for a penny tax to be added to new clothing, forcing retailers to generate funds in the region of £35 million per annum to support better textiles recycling practices. Retailers could also be forced to take more personal responsibility for sustainability or risk being penalised.

MP Mary Creagh, chairwoman of the Environmental Audit Committee said “A million tonnes of textiles a year are being thrown away and we need to bend the curve of consumption. We are urging consumers to buy less, to repair and reuse more before they recycle as well.”

How committed are the high street to textile recycling?

The EAC report also praises retail giants Marks & Spencer and ASOS for their commitment to sustainability plans, but other big brands such as Boohoo, Kurt Geiger and JD Sports were targeted as being far more less engaged.

If you have a retail business and would like to start a textile recycling initiative ahead of the 1p tax being enforced, contact us and let us provide you with a fully branded textiles recycling bin that could earn you money on a tonnage rate, and reduce landfill even faster.


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