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Supporting a new charity in 2024?

Projections indicate a sustained cost of living crisis extending possibly until 2028, causing heightened apprehension amongst fundraisers.

  • Are you an organisation who chooses a charity of the year?
  • Are you finding it harder to get your supporters to part with their hard-earned cash?
  • Is the current cost of living crisis having a detrimental affect on your fundraising efforts?

Anticipated changes by 2024 suggest increased competition for funds, requiring charities and fundraisers to articulate compelling cases to secure support. Donors are now faced with tougher choices and will probably consider their giving decisions more carefully.

Despite economic uncertainties, a significant portion of donors, particularly the younger generation, continues to contribute actively. A report reveals that over 50% of donors have not altered their giving habits, with the younger demographic displaying increased generosity compared to pre-Covid times. Understanding donor sentiments has become paramount, as evidenced by four-fifths of donors expressing motivation, despite only 43% claiming awareness of the impact of their donations.

Examining the charity sector’s recent developments over the past year reveals deep concerns, with 90% expressing worries about the cost of living crisis in a 2022 survey conducted by the Charities Aid Foundation. Inflation and soaring expenses have constrained many supporters, prompting them to reconsider the extent of their donations. Charities, compelled to cope with reduced resources, have faced the challenge of meeting escalating needs.

Amid this challenging landscape, it is crucial for charities and fundraisers to maintain optimism, recognising that support does remain and people are inclined to sustain their charitable giving. Despite the prevailing gloom, there remains a glimmer of hope in discovering new and practical ways to provide charitable support and one way you can do this and help the planet at the same time is to recycle your textiles.

Here at Recycled Clothing Banks, we work with organisations and charities all over the country by providing them with FREE branded clothing bins to encourage people from the local community to donate their unwanted clothes, shoes and household textiles, which can all be reused, raise money, and make a positive difference to someone’s life. Rather than selling your unwanted clothes on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, you could put them to better use by donating them to those who need them most by organising the installation of one of our recycled clothing bins on your business site/local area.

If your chosen charity of 2024 could benefit from earning £400 per tonne of reusable, pre-loved clothing, then we would love to hear from you. We will provide a FREE fully branded recycling bin, make a direct payment to you or your charity and come and collect all textiles donations when your bin is full. This is a simple, fast and effective way to raise much-needed funds and make a financial difference to struggling charities and the people who need our help. It will also keep 93% of clothing donations out of landfill to help heal our planet.

It’s so easy to call us and arrange a FREE fully branded recycling bin and raise much-needed funds for your charity during this cost of living crisis. Call us or send an email and one of our friendly team will assist you in your valued fundraising efforts.


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