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Textiles recycling supports charity organisations, reduces the strain on our planet and provides vital support services According to the most recent Charities Aid Foundation report for 2023, and from over 13,000 interviews conducted, over half (55%) had not recently interacted with a charity shop in 2022, whilst nearly a third donated clothes or goods to

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Did you know that Recycled Clothing Banks provides production companies, fashion houses and marketing agencies with our textiles bins for their on-screen productions and marketing drives? When it comes to prop hire for TV programmes and other promotional events, it’s essential to consider the specific needs and requirements of the show or surroundings. There are

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Where is my local clothing bank? Did you know that the UK is the third largest apparel and footwear market in the world? We come in just behind China and the United States of America by spending around £45billion on clothing and textiles every year. Most of us will confess to having items of clothing

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