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Did you know that Recycled Clothing Banks provides production companies, fashion houses and marketing agencies with our textiles bins for their on-screen productions and marketing drives?

When it comes to prop hire for TV programmes and other promotional events, it’s essential to consider the specific needs and requirements of the show or surroundings. There are a number of reasons why everyday items are so important to be included in dramas, adverts, media shoots and product promotions.

TV production companies and fashion brands have been hiring our recycled clothing bins as props for several important reasons:

Enhancing realism – Our recycled clothing bins make the environment and actions of the characters more believable. For example, if a scene is set in a retail park or outside a charity shop, our bins will make the scene look authentic.

Set the scene – Props help to establish the time period, location, and overall setting of a scene. This is crucial for creating a convincing and immersive world for the viewers, readers or wider audience.

Character development – items can be used to provide insights into a character’s personality, interests, or occupation. For example, if the subject is donating to a recycled clothing bin, they are probably quite environmentally aware.

Symbolism – They can be symbolic and carry deeper meaning within a scene or story. For instance, a specific object might represent a character’s hopes, fears, or memories.

Consistency – Props ensure that the elements in a scene remain consistent throughout multiple takes or shots; this is crucial for maintaining continuity in the final edit.

Artistic expression: Carefully chosen props can contribute to the overall visual style of a production or photoshoot.

Economic considerations – It’s often more cost-effective to use props instead of acquiring or replicating real, potentially expensive items and that’s why we’ve created a prop hire part of our business.

prop hire of recycled clothing bin

Props of all shapes and sizes play a crucial role in creating a realistic and engaging visual experience for the audience. They serve as essential tools for both the creative and logistical aspects of TV production and complementing all forms of media and product promotions.

How we can help you:

  • We will clean and prepare the bins for you.
  • This includes applying any branding to the bin to make your scene more authentic.
  • We will help you arrange them to suit your needs; just let us know the positioning.
  • We can add textiles and accessories for you if you require.
  • If sustainability is a key message of your show or campaign, make sure you emphasise it. You can use signage or incorporate messaging that promotes recycling and eco-friendly practices.
  • Use the bins to tell a narrative. For example, you can show the journey of recycled clothing, from donation to repurposing or recycling, highlighting the positive impact on the environment.

We offer bin hire services for as long or as little a time as you need them, we can factor in the distance, delivery and any other services you may need at the time of enquiring. Call us today and one of our helpful team will assist you!

Camera, ready, action!

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