How to get cash for clothes

If your business, charity or community project is in need of raising funds to financially support your initiative, then we have the answer here at Recycled Clothing Banks – order a recycled clothing bin from us today.

We work all around London, Essex and Hertfordshire and we provide an environmentally friendly way for our clients to earn instant cash from the clothes they once loved but no longer need. We are often asked how to get cash for clothes and we are on hand to help. When was the last time you sorted out your wardrobe and thought that you really must get rid of all the items you no longer wear? They are taking up unnecessary wardrobe space when they could be adding to a much-needed extra money pot.

Use Collection Bins to Get Cash for Clothes

Here at Recycled Clothing Banks, our recycled clothing bins are FREE, branded with your organisation’s logo and colours and we will pay you a cash lump sum when we install your recycled clothing bin. All you have to do it fill it up with pre-loved clothes and even new clothes which have never been worn. We even take paired shoes which have been tied together and household materials such as linen and curtains – we all have these at home and that is how to get cash for clothes easily.

Ordering one or more of our recycled clothing bins could not be easier. We have an expertly trained team who make sure that all our bins are collected on a pre-agreed date and emptied by our uniformed, ID-wearing staff. They will also ensure that your recycled clothing bins are cleaned inside and out, leaving your site clean, tidy and rubbish-free.


get cash for clothes

An Easy and Efficient Way to Get Cash for Clothes

This is a great way to recycle old clothes and household textiles and earn easy cash at the same time. If you’d like to talk to us about how to get cash for clothes, give us a call today.

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