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Creative ways to raise money

Recycled Clothing Banks can help your local community to raise money through textiles recycling

If your local community is dedicated to organising events for charity fundraising or financing new local projects, we can offer you an alternative that requires less effort!

Textiles recycling is a fantastic way to raise funds; clothes, curtains, bed linen, towels, paired shoes, bags, and soft toys can all be recycled, and the best part is, we offer a generous 40p per reusable kilo – that’s an impressive £400 per tonne! Simply get in touch with us, arrange for one of our recycled clothing bins to be placed in your private business space or local authority area, and we’ll take care of the rest. Once your bin is filled with pre-loved and reusable textiles, our team will empty it, weigh your donations, and pay you – it’s as simple as that.

In the UK alone, we generate enough textiles waste every year to fill Wembley Stadium 17 times over – that’s 90 million tonnes! Our goal is to keep as many reusable textiles in circulation, giving them a second lease of life for someone else to wear and use and keep them out of landfill.

It’s our job to come up with creative and cost-effective recycling ideas to raise money; that’s why we collaborate with business owners, national and local charities, local authorities, councils, schools, and other public services across the region. We provide fully branded recycled clothing bins FREE of charge, allowing your local community to contribute to reducing landfill and raise funds more easily.

Every donated item that can be reused makes a positive impact on someone’s life in the UK or overseas. We ensure no textiles donations go to waste – anything unsuitable for use in the UK is sent abroad to support impoverished communities.

To join this initiative and start earning money for your clothing and textiles donations, our friendly team at Recycled Clothing Banks is ready to take your call. Setting up your fully branded recycling bin is easy – just provide us with the digital artwork, and we’ll handle the rest.

For more information on creative ways to raise money, grab a coffee and read through our blogs for even more ideas.

Let’s work together to make this a community-wide project, raise awareness, help our planet, and raise much-needed funds, all by arranging a FREE fully branded recycling bin installation today.


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